Who are we?

 Company Josef Weber & C.L. Meyer GmbH has been established by fusion of company Ing. Chem Josef Weber e.K. and company C.L. Meyer & Sohn GmbH in the year 2001.

Company Ing. Chem. Josef Weber e.K., founded in 1953 and company C.L. Meyer & Sohn GmbH, founded in 1837, have been existing parallely until 2000 as competitors with different main fields, as far as their suppliers are concerned, but with a similar structure on the customer ´s side.

Together with the takeover of company Ing. Chem Josef Weber from Mr. Werner Boettcher by his son Marc Boettcher the two companies merged within a normal structural reorganization and will continue as a Ltd. in future. Managing director is Marc Böttcher.

What's our profession?

We are a representation office and brokers with worldwide connections to producers
and export companies in the area of natural rawmaterials for pharmaceutical and food purposes. Our main product groups are each in dehydrated condition:

Kamille Kümmel Paprika Pilze Öle
Herbs Spices
Deh. Vegetables Mushrooms Oils


Where are our suppliers located?

Our main activities are in the countries of Southeasteurope and Asia:

Egypt Bosnia Bulgaria China Croatia
Macedonia Romania Serbia Turkey  


What's our strategy?

We take over representations on exclusivity base and sell for and by order of the producers and exporters, represented by us, their products against a comission.

We are involved in all relevant stages beginning with the offer till the conclusion of the contracts and we understand ourselves as competent partner in all matters of the process of transaction.